This old picture frame will soon be a new TCP shirt template. Like many other independent bands, we have to find ways to cut corners so we can enjoy luxurious things such as sketchy motels, ice cold 211's and perhaps some gas station hot dogs.
Our tour van is about to get futuristic. Road smoothies for all! #whatthefuckisjuice
Who else is gearing up for some #fantasyfootball? Got our game face on. #LaOnda
Here's our latest shirt design. Instead of reaching out to our professional artists friends we decided to give this one a more personal touch. We picked names out of a hat and drew each other. Caleb drew Tory, Tory drew Timmy, Timmy drew Caleb, Burg drew Shaun Bro, Shaun Bro drew Cody and Cody drew Burg. The results were amazing! Caleb looks like a sex predator who steals wifi, Tory looks like Obama Bin Gonzales Mustache, Timmy looks like he has been hopping and living in train cars since the 60's, Shaun looks like he is crushing walnuts with his ass, Burg looks like Korean Walter White AKA Heisenhong and Cody looks like the dude in the bar that goes around sniffing womens hair. Definitely something you would want to.wear. We're gonna be giving away some of these for FREE so stay tuned!!!! #FBI #MostWanted #HideYoKids
#UnitedNations #Unity #CharlieMurphysForehead
Chicago's finest meets San Diego's finest. Tix are almost sold out so early arrival is suggested.